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What are the functions of ABS recycled materials

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ABS recycled material is a new type of material with perfect characteristics. What are its functions?

  Although there are many types of ABS resin, the basic requirements of the coloring agent used are good heat and weather resistance, strong covering power. Commonly used coloring agents include titanium dioxide, cadmium pigments, iron red, ultramarine, carbon black and other inorganic pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, quinacridone organic pigments. Because ABS contains rubber components, the color will be uneven. Different colors, different reflections, and different colors.

  If the color is thicker, it can compensate for the defect. Therefore, when ABS plastic particles are produced by manufacturers, the amount of coloring agent is relatively large, generally around 2%; the amount of titanium dioxide added is as high as 10%. The amount of coloring agent is large, so it is necessary to consider the problem of laxity of coloring agent. In addition, ABS resin is easy to change color when heated and illuminated by ultraviolet light, so it is necessary to select pigments with less change. The influence of pigment on the UV aging of ABS resin is the same as that of polystyrene and other plastics. The UV irradiation of ABS recycled material will promote the aging, especially the rubber with dimer combination is more simply affected by UV. Therefore, if the product is exposed outdoors for a long time, it will change color and reduce the impact strength. However, if the ABS material is mixed with inorganic or organic pigments, even if it is exposed outdoors for a long time, its strength is almost unchanged.

  In addition, the Rockwell hardness and tensile strength have little change. It is clear from the above situation that the UV effect is only left on the surface of the colored object. The surface of the colored object will reflect or absorb the UV, and then form the surface layer to maintain the interior. The inner part of the product is almost unaffected by ultraviolet light, so the physical properties change little. In contrast, the aging degree of natural resin is more significant. Generally, the pigment with higher UV absorption capacity has a greater inhibition effect on aging. Therefore, when selecting pigments for ABS resin, we should fully consider the impact on the resin, such as the ABS recycled material plastic particles for outdoor use, and try to use appropriate pigments with high concentration and strong covering power so as to improve the light resistance of the polymer itself.

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