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Biodegradable plastics vs. recycled plastics

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Biodegradable plastics and recycled plastics are currently hot topics in the field of sustainable development, and their feasibility will be discussed in detail from the aspects of material physical properties, production process, economic and environmental feasibility.
I. Feasibility of physical properties of materials
Biodegradable plastics and recycled plastics need to meet certain requirements in terms of physical properties in order to replace traditional plastic materials. Biodegradable plastics usually have physical properties similar to those of traditional plastics, such as strength, toughness and transparency. They can achieve the desired physical properties by adjusting the composition and structure of the material. Recycled plastics are obtained through a recovery and recycling process, so their physical properties may differ from those of conventional plastics. However, with appropriate technology and processing methods, it is possible to ensure that recycled plastics meet specific application requirements in terms of physical properties.
II. Feasibility of production process
The production process of biodegradable plastics is relatively mature and can be produced using conventional plastic production equipment. This makes the production process of biodegradable plastics relatively easy to implement and promote. The production process of recycled plastics involves the recovery and recycling process, which includes steps such as collection, sorting, crushing, cleaning and regeneration of waste plastics. Although these processes may require additional equipment and processes, the production process of recycled plastics is being improved and optimized to become more feasible and efficient with the development of technology.
III. Economic Feasibility
There are a number of challenges and opportunities for the economic viability of biodegradable and recycled plastics. The cost of biodegradable plastics is usually higher, mainly due to the choice of raw materials and the limitations of the production process. However, as the demand for sustainability increases, the production of biodegradable plastics at scale is expected to drive down their costs. The economic viability of recycled plastics is influenced by the process of plastic recovery and recycling. The cost of recycled plastics can be competitive with conventional plastics if efficient recycling systems and advanced regeneration technologies are established. In addition, government policy support and market promotion can also promote the economic viability of degradable and recycled plastics.
IV. Environmental Feasibility
Biodegradable plastics and recycled plastics have significant advantages in terms of environmental feasibility. First, degradable plastics can be decomposed in the natural environment to reduce the impact on the environment. They can be broken down into smaller molecules by biodegradation or physical degradation and eventually metabolized by microorganisms or natural processes. This reduces the accumulation of plastic waste in soil and water bodies, and reduces the potential harm to wildlife and ecosystems.
Second, the use of recycled plastics can effectively reduce dependence on non-renewable resources such as virgin oil. By recycling and reclaiming waste plastics, the need for new plastic production can be reduced and the consumption of finite resources reduced. The use of recycled plastics also helps reduce the need for landfills and incineration, thereby reducing the environmental problems associated with these disposal methods.
In addition, the use of biodegradable and recycled plastics can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The production process of conventional plastics involves the burning of large amounts of fossil fuels, resulting in the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. The production process of biodegradable and recycled plastics, on the other hand, uses raw materials mainly from waste plastics or renewable resources, and therefore can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Overall, the feasibility of degradable and recycled plastics presents certain challenges and opportunities in terms of physical properties, production processes, economics and environmental protection. As technology advances and society becomes more aware, there is a growing demand for sustainable plastics, which will further drive the development and application of degradable and recycled plastics. Meanwhile, the cooperation and support of government, enterprises and consumers are also important factors to realize the feasibility of degradable and recycled plastics.

About Henan Pingyuan New Material Technology Co.

Henan Pingyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a company focused on environmental technology innovation, dedicated to developing and promoting sustainable recycled plastic solutions. With advanced technology and innovative thinking, the company is committed to transforming waste plastic resources into high-performance materials and making positive contributions to the sustainable development of the plastics industry.
I. Company Profile
Established in 2017, Henan Pingyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has an advanced remanufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, recycling, production and sales of recycled plastics with its factory located in the Economic Development Zone of Fugou County, Henan Province. The company is the world's leading recycled plastic recycling solution provider, with sales centers and warehouse bases in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province and Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, respectively. We provide recycled plastic recycling solutions for global customers, currently serving 15 countries and regions, more than 50 foreign trade enterprises and more than 800 factory enterprises.
The increasingly serious global climate problem is a common challenge for all mankind, and sustainable development is the common welfare of mankind.
In September 2020, President Xi Jinping solemnly announced China's ambitious strategic goal of achieving carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 at the general debate of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
The company has long been committed to solving the increasingly serious environmental problems of mankind, deeply explore the potential value of recycled plastics, and promote the continuous improvement of human living environment! In recent years, the company has taken the lead in the field of recycled plastics to pioneer ESG practices, actively promote green and low-carbon production and life style, and continuously create greater value.
From 2020 to 2022, the company will dispose of 34,000 tons, 47,000 tons and 35,000 tons of recycled plastics per year respectively, totaling 116,000 tons.
Second, the company's scientific research and certification qualifications
The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a special-purpose enterprise in Henan Province, Zhoukou Engineering Technology Research Center of Recycled Plastics Recycling in Henan Province;
The company is the excellent unit of green development in the "22nd China International Investment and Trade Fair and 2022 China International Green Innovative Technology Exhibition";
The company has passed the GRS global recycling standard certification (the first domestic recycled plastic utilization company to obtain this certification)
UL OBP 2809 certification (the sixth company in the world to obtain this certification for the use of recycled plastics);
ISO9001 quality system, 14001 environmental system and 45001 occupational health and safety management body certification;
The company has obtained the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA test report, the German "New Food and Dietetic Products Act" LFGB test report, the French International Bureau of Inspection BV test report and other international third-party test reports.
Third, the company laboratory construction
The company has built the only set of high standard pilot laboratory in the domestic recycled plastics industry, with a professional R & D team, and has deep cooperation with research institutes and universities such as Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Institute of Chemistry and Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Technology and Dalian University of Technology.
The main test instruments are: falling ball drop tester, digital display cantilever beam impact tester (ISO standard and ASTM American standard), spectroscopic light box, spectroscopic colorimeter, temperature and humidity meter, melt flow rate meter, high-precision electronic balance scale, direct reading electronic density meter, rubber hardness meter, servo universal material testing machine, touch screen material horizontal and vertical burning tester, twin-screw high-mixing plasticizing pilot line.
Fourth, the company's main products and customers
Benefiting from the construction and promotion of the company's e-commerce network and the company's brand building, the company's recycled plastic products, such as RABS, RPP, RPET, RPA, RRE, RPP and other materials, are mainly used in daily necessities, daily chemicals, clothing, shoes and hats, electronics and electrical, automotive, petrochemical and other industries. The main customers of the company are international brands or world top 500 companies such as LG Chemical, Hyosung, Kumho, Boluo Chemical, LG Chemical, BASF, Lego, Decathlon, Chanel, Estee Lauder, etc.
V. Future development plan of the company
After ten years of forward-looking layout, the company has formed the upgrade of the whole industrial chain from waste plastic recycling to the application of high-value recycled products. Adhering to the development idea of standardization, grouping and industrialization, the company will focus on building independent intellectual property rights and recycling brands, and drive the upgrading of the whole industry by means of technology and brand output, and make every effort to build a green, low-carbon and technology-empowered recycling economy industrial system for sustainable development, carry out ESG practices, fulfill social responsibilities with high standards, and become a model of green and low-carbon development. enterprises.
In the next forty years, the recycled plastics industry will lead to a strong development of blowout, and will form a trillion-dollar recycled plastics market demand. The company actively joins hands with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, third-party institutions, public welfare organizations and the government to seize the "double carbon" policy opportunity and market opportunity, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, build a new development pattern, with the goal of improving the utilization rate of recycled environmental protection materials, improving resource utilization efficiency, extending the The company aims to improve the utilization rate of recycled environmental protection materials, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, extend the recycling industry chain, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and help achieve the global "double carbon" strategic goal.
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