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What are the main grades of ABS plastics

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ABS plastics have many excellent properties, and there are many kinds. What are the main grades of ABS plastics?

  1. Low odor ABS

  Low odor ABS is mainly used in automobile interior materials with low VOC performance to improve the air quality of automobile interior. Low odor ABS material is mainly used to produce interior parts such as door panel, instrument panel frame, glove box, central control instrument panel and air conditioner outlet, especially air conditioner outlet which needs to withstand higher temperature and conduct air.

  2. Heat resistant ABS

  For some parts that need to withstand higher temperature, the heat resistance of ABS needs to be improved. A common method to improve the heat resistance of ABS is to blend ABS and PC into ABS / PC alloy. Heat resistant ABS is usually used in the manufacture of heat-resistant components such as air-conditioning outlets and heat dissipation grilles. For the heat dissipation grid, improving the heat resistance can prevent the deformation of the parts, so as to prevent the falling off of the plating layer due to the deformation. It is also made of ABS or ASA. Due to the large area, impact resistance and other factors, the door panel also uses PC / ABS alloy. The mudguards of high-end cars are also made of ABS / PC alloy.

  3. Extinction ABS

  Strong light reflection in the driver's cab will cause discomfort and fatigue of the driver, and affect the driver's vision at night. Therefore, extinction ABS has a wide range of applications in car cab components. Because ABS is a kind of engineering plastics with high finish, we chose the resin with low relative finish and wide molecular weight distribution in the modification process. The fillers with flaky or needle shape and large particle size are selected. In this way, the surface roughness of the products can be improved, so that the light can be scattered and the extinction effect can be achieved.

  4. Glass fiber reinforced ABS

  ABS plastics can be made into reinforced ABS materials by glass fiber reinforcement or mineral filling. The commonly used method is glass fiber reinforcement, which usually contains 20% - 40% glass fiber. The tensile strength, bending strength, bending modulus of elasticity of glass fiber reinforced ABS have been greatly improved. At the same time, the temperature of thermal deformation has also been significantly increased, the coefficient of linear expansion has been significantly reduced, and the product size is stable The impact strength of glass fiber reinforced ABS decreases with the increase of glass fiber content.

  5. PC / ABS alloy

  PC / ABS alloy combines the advantages of the two, which makes PC / ABS materials have good mechanical strength, toughness and flame retardancy. PC contributes heat resistance, toughness, impact strength, strength flame retardancy, and the advantages of ABS are good processability, apparent quality and low density. PC / ABS alloy is widely used in high-end consumer electronics (mobile phones, laptops, headphones, etc.) and automobiles Industrial, television, office automation equipment shell and telephone, etc.

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