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Plastic shell
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  Automotive plastic parts are generally engineering plastics and engineering plastics, which are industrial plastics used for industrial parts or shell materials. They are strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness and anti-aging properties of plastics. It can be used as high performance plastics for construction and mechanical parts, with heat resistance above 100 ℃.
  Engineering plastics can be used as engineering materials and plastics instead of metal in manufacturing machine parts. Engineering plastics have excellent comprehensive properties, such as high rigidity, small creep, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance and good electrical insulation. They can be used in harsh chemical and physical environment for a long time. They can be used as engineering structural materials instead of metals, but the price is expensive and the output is small.
  Engineering plastics can be divided into general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics. The former mainly includes five general engineering plastics: polyamide, polycarbonate, polyformaldehyde, modified polyphenylene oxide and thermoplastic polyester; the latter mainly refers to engineering plastics with heat resistance above 150 ℃, including polyimide, polyphenylene sulfide, polysulfone, aromatic polyamide, polyaryl ester, polyphenylene ester, polyaryletone, liquid crystal polymer and fluorine resin.
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