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Plastic Hook
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  We have complete sets of manufacturing equipment, mature and advanced processing technology, strict quality management process, good innovation and development ability. After years of development, we have accumulated rich practical production experience, fast delivery, stable quality, the most competitive price and the most pragmatic style.
  Plastic display hook: it is divided into F-shaped display hook, U-shaped display hook, double foot display hook, flat mouth display hook, double pole display hook, tripod display hook, toothed hook, and polished rod hook are mainly used for display, commodity display rack, display cabinet, carton, carton hook and other display equipment.
  In our daily life, most of the plastics that we can directly contact or feel are conventional general-purpose plastics, including five major categories: PE, PP, ABS, PVC, PS. these five categories of plastics occupy the vast majority of plastic materials used. Other plastics can be classified into special plastic products, such as PPS, PPO, PA, PC, POM, etc. they are widely used in daily products It should be used in supermarket display goods hook, shoe hook, sock hook, clothing hook, display hook, hanger, etc. Plastics can be classified into thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics according to their plasticity.
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