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  Plastics: materials with plastic behavior, so-called plasticity refers to the deformation under the action of external force. After the external force is cancelled, it can still maintain the state under stress. The elastic modulus of plastic is between rubber and fiber, and it can deform. Soft plastic is close to rubber, and hard plastic is close to fiber.
  Plastic is a kind of material with resin (or monomer directly polymerized in the process of processing) as the main component, plasticizer, filler, lubricant, colorant and other additives as auxiliary components, which can flow and shape in the process of processing.
  Plastic is a synthetic polymer compound, which can change its shape freely. Plastics are materials made by synthesis or condensation polymerization of monomer raw materials. They are composed of synthetic resins, fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, colorants and other additives. The main component of plastics is synthetic resin.


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