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What are the main categories of modified plastics

更新时间:2018.12.10     作者:管理员      浏览次数:51

There are many kinds of modified plastics. What are the main classifications? Pingyuan Xiaobian told you.

  1. Flame retardant resin

  Flame retardant plastic products can greatly reduce the risk of fire in case of short circuit, overload, water immersion, etc.

  2. Reinforced and toughened resins

  It is mainly divided into weather resistant and toughened PP special material, glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic and other products.

  1) Weather resistant and toughened PP special material: the weather resistant and toughened PP special material is a new polypropylene material with engineering plastic characteristics. It has the advantages of good low temperature toughness, small molding shrinkage, high rigidity, strong weather resistance and so on. It is mainly used in outdoor environment requiring weather resistance and ultraviolet light. Its main consumer groups are home appliance enterprises, auto parts enterprises, etc.

  2) Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics: the main products are glass fiber reinforced as / ABS, glass fiber reinforced PP, glass fiber reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced PBT / PET, glass fiber reinforced PC, glass fiber reinforced PPE / PPS, etc. Its main consumer groups are computer parts enterprises, mechanical parts enterprises, electric tool enterprises, lighting enterprises, etc.

  3. Plastic alloy

  It is mainly divided into PC alloy, PVC alloy and polyester alloy.

  PC alloy features: high impact strength, creep resistance, heat resistance, low water absorption, non-toxic, excellent dielectric properties.

  PC alloy application: automobile instrument panel, computer and office automation equipment, electric tool shell, cellular phone, etc.

  PVC / ABS alloy: Based on PVC and ABS, it is produced by adding toughening agent, lubricant, stabilizer, flame retardant and other modifiers.

  Performance advantages: excellent mechanical properties, weather resistance, processing rheological properties, good product surface gloss, good injection and extrusion effect, is a very excellent alloy material with excellent cost performance.

  Application scope: it can replace fire-retardant and weather-resistant ABS, PC, etc., and be used in home appliance shell, electrical switch, meter shell, lighting material, communication network, building materials, etc.

  Polyester alloy: it has excellent mechanical properties (fatigue resistance), dimensional stability, chemical reagent resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance,

  Application scope: automobile, household appliances, electric tools and other fields.

  4. Functional Color Masterbatch

  It mainly refers to high impact polystyrene toughened flame retardant color masterbatch.

  Features of functional color masterbatch: it can reduce production cost and improve product quality.

  1) Meet the flame retardant requirements of UL94, iec-65 and gb8898 standards for electrical and electronic products;

  2) Improve the toughness, processing fluidity and demoulding of hips resin;

  3) Give hips resin color.

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