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What kinds and uses of engineering plastics

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Many of the products we use in our life are plastic. Before we buy plastic products, we need to know about them. What are the types of engineering plastics that are very useful?

  1: Polyphenylene ether

  The consumption of polyphenylene ether has always been very large. At present, it has gradually replaced stainless steel to manufacture surgical and medical equipment, and also involves the production of gears, blower blades, pipes, valves, and some parts in the electronic and electrical industry.

  2: Polyphenylene sulfide

  Polyphenylene sulfide is called PPS for short. Its price is also a relatively high plastic in engineering plastics. It is often mixed with other materials in the use process. It has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance to a certain extent, and flame retardancy.

  3: Polyamide

  In fact, polyamide is often called nylon, which is also one of the most popular engineering plastics. It has good mechanical properties, durability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and most importantly, its processing is also very convenient. At present, it has been widely used in automobile, electronic and electrical industries.

  4: Polycarbonate

  Polycarbonate is characterized by its metallic strength, good ductility and toughness. It looks like glass and has good light transmittance. Therefore, it is often used as daylighting glass, lampshade, signal lamp, windshield, etc. it is one of the most widely used engineering plastics at present.

  5: Polyformaldehyde

  Polyformaldehyde is one of the most promising plastics in engineering plastics. Because of its hardness and strength like metal, it has gradually replaced some parts made of metal. It has been widely used in electronic, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, daily light industry, automobile, building materials, agriculture and other industries. I believe that its future development will be better.

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